Children: DICF offers a rich children’s program where kids can sing, play, talk, and learn about how to live everyday lives with God, including experiencing His love for them and showing that love to the people around them.

Youth: Our hope is to create an enjoyable environment where our youth can feel safe to ask questions and be challenged by God's Word. We believe our youth are not 'the future,' but 'the present,' and we value the opportunity to train and equip them to be students of the Word of God.

Women: The heart of women is connection, and DICF meets this need through encouraging women to connect to the Word through a variety of Bible studies and to each other through a variety of social opportunities.

Men: DICF provides several options for men to meet, pray, share the Word and hold each other accountable. Friendships are forged and developed in these early morning hours!

Small Groups/Bible Studies: Since we are a unique and transient community, we believe the lifeblood of our church is in developing small groups where we can create space for authentic genuine community. Meeting together in homes with food to dive into the Word and our lives is how we grow and how we are fed. Our model comes from the early church..."and they devoted themselves to the apostle's teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" Acts 2:42.